Model of the Lunar Prospector

Model of SOPHIA

Montage of infrared observing programs

SIRTF (now Spitzer Space Telescope) artist's conception

Painting of Newton and the composition of light

Painting of a planetary collision (possibly the formation of the Moon?)

Publicity image for SOPHIA

Photograph of X-34, the mach-10 scramjet. The photo is misleading; the x-34 is ten feen long

Lunar Prospector award

Voager stamps, note $0.10 postage

Montage of Space Projects accomplishments

Drawing of SOPHIA

Publicity photo for electronic coolers (developed for SIRTF)

Unexplained "Christopher Columbus" medal

Artist's conception of the Pioneer mission to Venus, notable for being signed by many people who worked on the program.

Drawing of Pioneer orbital insertion

Drawing of Pioneer approach to Venus

Poster for the Galileo probe

Another poster for the Galileo probe

Artist's conception of ? probe

Artist conception of the space station (OLD)

Photograph of rocket launch

Artist's conception of Kepler telescope

Photograph of SOPHIA

Artist's montage of proposed Mars unmanned airplane drone


Paiting of the X-34 deploying a satellite

OLD painting of SIRTF

Painting of ?

Painting of ?

Painting of Voyager probe

Painting of ?

Jupiter probe poster

Lunar Prospector glamor poster

Jupiter probe poster

Voyager probe painting